The SPA!

You know, it amazing me that the Lord knows everything. I am often jealous of that little part of Him. I want to know everything; I want to know what my life would be like in 5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days or 5 hours. I admire the fact that the Lord knows everything, past, present and future. But am I the only one who would appreciate a little sticky note with a hint on it every now and then? Just one morning I would like to wake up, with a sticky note on the mirror and the words “from God” at the bottom. I have a lot of questions, did I do the right thing, will I be okay, where will this road lead and most of all are you ashamed of me? All of which I feel are valid questions, but just a simple note would help from time to time. Now, I am abundantly loyal to the Lord, I will go where He tells me and I will stay if He asks me too, but what is hard for me is when I feel as if He is quite. I know He is silent for one of two reasons, first, I already know the answer and He won’t repeat it, or secondly; He is waiting for me to shut up so He can talk. The second one is the hardest one for me. I talk all the time to Him, I swear I take up most of His time. But I do realize that this current situation is one that I cannot take lightly, I have to wait on Him, I have to sit in the silence and wait to hear what He has to say.  

Some people hear from the Lord in the mountains, by the ocean or simply in their home. However, yesterday, I met Him face to face in the spa. Yep that is right, I was at the spa and I had nothing but time to listen to the Lord. You what to know what I heard, it was plain as day. He said to me “ My child, just rest, I will take care of this. Trust in me and you will not fail.” Yep – I am okay with people thinking I am totally nuts, but I heard Him. From that moment on I have been consumed by peace, a peace I have not felt in almost 2 years. So, today, I will wait, I will not ponder the decisions that may come in the future, I will not worry about the issues that are covering my heart and I will rest, in Him and only Him. Man, my God is amazing!


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