Long Days and Even Longer Nights…

So tell me this… why is it that work is the only thing that seems uncomplicated at the moment. It is the place that I can be consumed with other things rather than my personal life, I am completely overwhelmed with deadlines, installation of new hospital equipment and the little details such as artwork with the various rooms. And yet, I would rather spend time working than thinking about anything else, why is that?  Well in just over 9 months I will have accomplished one of the biggest things in my life since I was 16. First, I will have been employed at the same place for over 2 years, and secondly I will have seen the local hospital go from a community medical center to a national trauma level 1 hospital. I will have seen this building go up from a dirt start, I will have ordered over 2.5 million dollars worth of medical supplies, I will have assisted in designing the patient rooms, the color scheme throughout the building and I will have learned more about the operations and functions within a hospital than I ever thought possible. 

A few random factoids I have come to know along the way…  

·         We have used 1.6 million pounds of rebar. ·         We will have used 5,960 gallons of paint. ·         We will go from 50 patient beds to an opening number of 250. ·         We will increase our square footage by 200%. ·         Our patient rooms will all be private with a design of a suite to accompany family. All rooms will include a private bathroom, a pull out queen bed and the capability to have a twin bed brought in for extra sleeping room.·         We have used 932,853 square feet (21.5 acres) of dry wall which amounts to 2,400 cartons of Drywall Mud. ·         We will go from 1 operating room to 3 upon opening. ·         Our campus is going to be spread over 50 acres.·         We have moved over 170,000 cubic yards of dirt during this process. ·         Over 5 miles of medical gas pipe run throughout the facility. ·         We will be the new owners of a 64 slice CAT Scan Machine. ·         There are 6,200 lighting fixtures within the hospital.

And the most interesting factoid of them all, there will be over 75 Xbox 360’s spread throughout the facility and within the pediatric rooms.  

So during this emption rather confusing time in my life, I will rest upon one thing aside from Jesus, and that is the ability to get swallowed up in work. For the next 9 months, I am sure the days will be long, the nights will be longer and the memories priceless. I look  forward to the day when I can say, I was a part of that!  


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