Apple Sauce and Simplicity…

So I finally got up this morning a few hours after my alarm went off, basically I slept through the alarm and woke up as the sun was coming in my window. And that is my favorite way to be woken up. But I had an urgent craving this morning that was a surprise to me. I have always loved apple sauce, and for some reason, I wanted some this very morning. So I drove myself to the grocery and bought an entire jar. By the way, a side note, I have not used a bowl, I am eating it straight from the jar. But now back on focus. So I have also found that what I want is the simplicity of life that came with apple sauce when I was younger. Apple Sauce was a part of the 3pm after school snack that I enjoyed as a kid, apple sauce was a snack between events during the long 10 hour gymnastics meets, and apple sauce was something that always made me feel like I was back in grade school. It is something that brings me back to the simple times in life. Maybe that is why I woke up with such an urgent craving. I want to be that little blond girl with a ribbon in her hair who had only dreams to worry about. You see, when I was little, there was not 50 kinds of apple sauce, there was plain and cinnamon. Now, there is blue razibeery, red hot apple sauce, fruit punch, orange delight, strawberry, watermelon and of course the classic cinnamon. No wonder life has gotten more complicated, for heaven’s sake you cannot even have the simple choice between plain and cinnamon apple sauce. I seriously stood in that isle for 5 – 10 minutes just trying to find the one jar that brought me simplicity. Ironic that simplicity was found amidst what felt like 50 choices of apple sauce. But I finally found simplicity and will spend the remainder of the morning indulging in just that.


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