Milk Duds –

“Candy doesn’t have to have a point. That’s why it’s candy.”  So the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory totally freaked me out. It seriously made me think of Michael Jackson and his recent encounters with little boys, but aside from that I love the quote above. I have come to see the simple pleasures in life. For example, we will start with candy –  

I love Milk Duds – I could eat them all day- I love the fact that the chocolate just melts in your mouth and the caramel sticks to your teeth for hours! I love Hot Tamales – I love the fact that some are extremely hot, while others are just a touch of cinnamon.  I love the simple fact that they make your tongue bright red.  

I also love plain Hershey’s Chocolate – Nothing fancy, just a simple bar of chocolate makes me smile as if I just ran into the cutest guy in junior high. I love that it melts, I love that is smells great and that it is forever creamy.  Now, some other simple pleasures I have discovered have to do with random thoughts, so you have been warned, prior to reading…  

I love the feeling of getting up on a Winter day, it is cold outside, but the house is warm, it is dark outside but somehow it is still light enough to have some light creep past the blinds and into the room.  I love the smell of a wood burning fireplace.  

I love the sense of adventure within the simplicity of an afternoon hike.  I love the thought of reading in a big oversized chair with a huge down blanket for company.  

I love the simple act of my dog getting so excited to see me when I get home that she can barely contain herself. I love to watch her try to run on the wood floors. I love the look she gives me when I quit scratching her ear and she is in the mood for more.  I love the simple taste of Diet Pepsi.  

I love to watch the little kids play in the leaves at the park across from work.  And finally I love the simplicity of life through a child’s eyes. I find myself longing to return to the days that were consumed by kick ball teams at recess, show and tell Monday’s and of course after school snacks followed by cartoons. I cannot get lost in the world of an adult, I will be consumed by all of the stuff and stresses that will eventually make me old.  So for today, Ill smile as I watch the kids laugh and play outside my door. Interesting thoughts I know, but still, they are thoughts, which means I was thinking today!


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