Answer Me This…

I hate the saying “If you love someone enough let them go, and if it is meant to be, they will come back…” Why? Because I have several questions that follow that simple statement…  What if you watch them walk away and by the time they come back, it is too late? Given that it is too late, what is one suppose to do with the feelings they have? How is one supposed to move on? What if one does not want to move on? What if the one involved wants to follow their heart? What if the one involved is so confused there is no easy answer?  So basically, I hate that saying. I do not like to think about the day I watched someone I love walk away, and how my heart broke that night. I know that the heart heals but it takes time. I know that the matters of the heart are sensitive. I cry each time I think about the reality of having to watch that person walk away again…  I understand that things take time and I am the most inpatient person I know. But what is a girl to do when her heart is involved? Answer me that and you will be considered a genius in my book!


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