When Nothing Satisfies…

I think everyone understands when things get rough it is the animal instinct

in us all that makes us want to do two things. We either want to fight, or we want to run.

When we are tired of fighting, we are forced to run, because we know things else.

There are times when we all feel defeated and just done, not saying that life has

become pointless, but more that life has become so over whelming that we

become tired, and we want to go, where, anywhere other than the place we are at.

I know that I have things to figure out;

I know that what I thought was right, may not be. I know that I am

completely confused and broken. But I also know that no matter what happens,

it will shape me, not define me. It will strengthen me, not defeat me, and most of

all it might consume my time for now, but it will never consume me.

I belong to me. More than that, I belong to Christ, and with Him,

there is no darkness. I am aware that there are dark moments,

but the darkness can not consume me.

He promises that, He promises that I will never be alone nor will He ever leave me.

 I am brought to my knees when I think of how unfailing His love is, how certain His presence is

and how abundant His grace is. I am certain of only one thing, that is that no matter what,

He is forever unchanging, He is mine, I am His and with nothing left in me,

He will come aside and carry me.

That is the truth that I hold so dear.


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