A little something…

So everyone has a little something that drives them wild. They are either wild with passion or wild with anger. But everyone has that little something. I think those are the things that make us different from everyone around us. I think those are the things that only the closest to us will know about. It is just those things that can make or break our day.   You know, you could have a great day until you come home and there are dirty dishes in the sink, if that is your little something, you become fuming pissed. You cannot explain it but that is the one thing that makes your mood change in a second. It can also work the other way. You have had a horrible day, you come home and your loved one is there, just waiting, nothing to say, but the look on their face is everything you need. It is their smile that makes your day; it is their scent that make you run wild with passion.  It is the simplicity of the very fact that they know you, you can call them through out the day for no reason and they would not mind. They would talk to you for hours if that is what you needed.  Those are the little things, the things that matter, or at least that is what I am told.


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