My mistakes are my way of doing things…

So… something people don’t know is that I have a little bit of rebel in me, not to mention I am stuburn. I have to learn on my own, regardless of what people tell me, I have to figure things out for myself. There is a sense of pride in that; because I make my own mistakes. That might sound silly to some people. But I know that I will stand by decisions, and if they turn out to be mistakes then, I have no choice but to learn from them and move on.  There is a sense of ownership in that I do, what I don’t do and what I accomplish. I understand that some might think mistakes are failure, but to me, they are an oppurtunity to try things again, a different way.

It is the moving on part is the hardest thing for me. How do I move on from something I was convinced I had finally done right? How do I walk away from something I know is a mistake but other people will judge me for leaving? I have to remember that life is not easy, we all have decisions to make and at the end of life, it is just me before the Lord. All I can say with a smile is, all  you get is what you see… like it or not I cannot promise a mistake free life, if you choose a life with me!


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