Dilemma’s – Sticky Notes and Shoes

On the average morning the alarm goes off at 6 am. I usually end up sleeping for another 30 – 60 minutes depending on what my hair plan is for the day. Yes I have a hair plan. You see if my hair is going to be pulled up or back I can sleep another 30 minutes, that hair plan does not require me to wash my hair. Now if I have to wash my hair I have to get up by the latest of 6:30am. I know this may seem like an odd dilemma, but, it is one that I often struggle with everyday. You see, I do not wash my hair every way, why is that, frankly because I love to sleep, and because everyone I have talked to said it is bad for your hair to wash it every day. My morning routine is mostly scheduled around my shower, I enjoy taking long showers, not to mention I love when the water is just hot enough to make you jump. That is about ten degrees colder than boiling, for those of you who prefer “warm” showers. Now, I do not spend hours apply various shades of makeup or trying to match my eye liner to the color of my shirt, rather I spend most of my time in the shower and then everything else is kind of thrown together. Now I often leave the bed unmade, which I must say is a rebellion from my childhood, because as a child I always had to make my bed, and I often leave some form of light on, usually the bathroom, just because I was in a hurry. Anyways, let’s get back to my dilemma’s…  

So besides my sleeping and hair dilemma, I have come across a new dilemma just this morning. I must admit that I am in love with office supplies. I thrive off organization, and there is nothing that can make my day like a new pen and freshly opened sticky notes. But I often find myself in the dilemma of actually using the sticky notes until they are gone, or better yet using a spiral notebook until the very last page. Because I am desperately in love with office supplies I find myself opening new sticky notes or starting a new note book more often than I really should, if one was to be environmentally concerned. You might think is not much of a dilemma, but I know we have all done it. We have all used a spiral notebook for about 50 pages, once we hit the half way mark; we suddenly feel the need for a new notebook. Why is that? Because I believe it is in everyone to love office supplies, to enjoy the feeling of opening that new notebook just to write on the very first untouched page. Maybe it brings us back to our elementary school days when school supplies shopping was the true meaning that summer was over and school was about to begin. Or maybe it brings us back to high school or college when we were excited to see our friends again after the summer break. What ever the reason, I am telling you there is nothing like opening a fresh package of sticky notes, or being the first person to use a brand new pen or better yet, opening that brand new spiral notebook and writing on the first untouched page.  

Now you know the first two dilemma’s I have suddenly discovered. For the last and final one, I must say it does revolve around shoes and food. I think it is important to always wear cute shoes, you do not have to have a ton of shoes to always wear cute shoes, but it does take some thinking prior to leaving the house. My shoes can make or break my day, not really, but cute shoes always make a mad day a little better. So back on track, shoes are my favorite accessory. I love it when I see little girls in the grocery store with their swim suit on and their church shoes, or as I called them, their “knocking shoes” because they make noise. Even from the tender age of 3 a girl knows that shoes are something special. Now what do shoes and food have to do with each other you might ask? Well they are the two things I resort to when I have a bad day. If I have cute shoes on, the day just got a little better, and if I can sneak away and indulge in come comfort food, the day has just been turned around. Nothing makes a bad day better like a bit of comfort food, or vitamin “G” as my doctor friends call it. You know if you refer to it as a vitamin you won’t feel as bad when you realize what you just consumed.  

So before the average day begins I have 3 – 4 dilemmas. To sleep or wash my hair, to open a new package of sticky notes or finish the barely used, already opened package on my desk, I must not forget to decided which pair of shoes to wear in case the day gets stressful and finally I must decide where to go for my daily/weekly does of vitamin “G” when the day gets away from me. Some might think these dilemma’s are pointless, but I think everyone has the unique corky dilemma’s that help get them through the daily mess of life.  These are not something that cause stress, rather just something that makes me different than you. Just a thought…


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