Just my opinion…

Well, it is just me, again, with a few questions and of course an option worth writing about…  Do you ever wonder if you made a mistake that you cannot take back? Can you handle it if the answer if yes? Can you handle it if you have to spend the rest of your life living with that mistake? Can your heart take it when you figure out just what you have done?  

I ask those questions daily. I often change my answers. I cannot answer those questions with 100% assurance. You see, I like anyone have made plenty of mistakes, yet, am I real enough to admit them, face them, deal with them and eventually live with them. The mistakes I am talking about are not the minor mistakes such as forgetting the coupon book when you are at the register with a cart full of groceries, or forgetting to set the TV recorder for your favorite Thursday night show.  What I am talking about are the life changing mistakes that forever change the course of your life. What I am talking about is letting that one person you love walk away, only to find out that they are married and you have no hope of a future with them. Or possibly, leaving your loved one for a night of loose fun and plenty to drink. Those are the mistakes no one wants to talk about, those are the skeletons that no one wants out in the open. However, we all have them, yet we all pretend they don’t exist, and we all judge everyone else as if we have never experienced their pain.  

Is that something that makes us humor, that is the ability to judge? Unlike any other animal family, humans are the only ones that have the capability to place judgment upon others. I find that interesting, heart breaking and highly stressful. Why stressful, because with that ability comes huge consequences and responsibility that drastically alter the lives of other humans.   Is it enough to just say, “Do not pass judgment”? How do we put those words into action? Are we willing to step out of our perfect image to realize we are not alone? That is the thing that bothers me most about church or most “Christian” people. The ability or reality really, that church people take it upon themselves to place judgment, as if they have all the answers, truly makes my skin crawl.  Church people have skeletons too, they make mistakes, we all make mistakes, and yet Sunday is the only day of the week in which everyone seems to have it all together, and have all the answers. The truth is we are all broken, we all need to feel accepted and we all fear rejection. Yet we attend a place called church that is suppose to be a safe place, one without judgment, and as soon as someone walks in with their homosexual partner or mistress, we all seem to feel better about ourselves, simply because we are not as sinful as them.  

I guess that bothers me, obviously enough to write about it, so thanks for reading. I conclude with the personal goal to increase my circle of friends, without passing judgment, who knows, I might meet someone who will drastically change my life, in which praises be!  I will write more later.


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