Is He Enough?

I am perplexed with the complexity of life. And yet the moments of simplicity seem to bring consuming peace. However, since high school, it seems life has gotten more complicated. All of which I must admit has been under estimated. I graduated high school, went off to college, and I enjoyed to lazy life of noon classes and late night parties. Then after college graduation I suddenly became an adult, which I was not prepared for. Nor I am really enjoying the life of an adult, the responsibilities, the complications, the mere fact of having to deal with the things my parents took care of for me.   How does one find peace amidst the complexity? Am I really supposed to have a career path picked out at the age of 25? I am the girl who had 11 majors in college and finally decided to graduate with whatever major I had the most credits for. However, amidst all the business, stress and unknown, I am sure of only one thing.  That is my relationship with Jesus Christ. The one thing that sustains me as the days become too much to handle. I do not know more than without that relationship I could not exist. Is it really a life giving relationship? Is Jesus really the only one true way to the after life in heaven? To all of those questions, my answer is the same, yes. There is no other way that the way of my Savior, a man who came to Earth as God’s only Son. Which means He was perfect, life giving, miracle working and compassionate. He befriended the hookers, He loved the stoners and He wanted relationships with the outcasts of society.  So my question is this… if I truly love Him, how can I reject those He loved? How can I assume that I am better than those who sleep around, deal or do drugs, the homosexuals or the simple society outcasts? It is my passion to love them, to support them and to befriend them. I may not be well received with those who participate in church, only as another weekly activity, but I have confidence that my Savior will one day look upon my heart with pleasure, and that is what I live for. And when the stressed of life come full force upon my heart, is that really enough to sustain me? My answer is a simple yes, if that is all I have, I am complete. 


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